Monday, January 17, 2011

Purusha the primordial

Our paired Western concept of thought and the thinker will not bring us to the shores of the invisible mountain. But an alternative view of thought may get us further - we can find traces of such views in traditional religious texts, the rallying signs and passwords of others who have passed this way.

Man has a thousand heads
A thousand eyes, a thouand feet
Encompassing the earth on every side
Yet he fills a space ten fingers wide

Man is none other than this universe,
That which is past, that which is to come . . .

All beings are but a quarter of him;
The Immortal on high, the other three parts.
With three parts Man ascends to the heights,
The fourth returns to be born below. . .

From him creative Energy is born,
From creative Energy man is born.
Once born he is stretched out beyon
The earth, as much as in the past as in the future . . .

From his mind the moon is born,
From his eye the sun is born,
From his mouth Indra and Agni,
From his breath, the wind.

(Purusha, primordial man - Rig Veda)

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  1. Many thanks Loplop - there is a lot to think about in these stanzas. Really appreciate you sharing them here.